How do I get started?
Have a look at our demo video.
What does Text by Voice do?
Text by Voice reads incoming text messages you receive aloud and lets you compose texts messages through voice so that you can safely text while driving.
How do I turn Text by Voice on?
Text by Voice turns on automatically when you open the app. It will continue to run in the background until you turn off and exit the app.
How do I turn Text by Voice off?
Go to Menu > [Turn Off & Exit]. Alternatively, you can say “turn off text by voice” whenever it's your turn to talk while composing a text.
Do I have to keep the app open for Text by Voice to work?
No, you can exit the app after starting it. Feel free to use other apps on the phone. Text by Voice will still be running in the background.
How can I tell if Text by Voice is running?
The Text by Voice icon will appear in the notification bar if it is running.
Text by Voice keeps saying it doesn't hear or understand me.
Make sure to wait for the beep before you begin talking. It's also harder for Text by Voice to know if you're speaking if the surrounding area is very noisy. Moving the phone closer to your mouth and speaking loudly also helps.
The voice recognition is very poor.
Samsung Galaxy S- The quality of the audio recording on the Samsung Galaxy S is known to be not very good.
HTC Evo, HTC Droid Incredible- Make sure your system software is updated to the latest version. Settings > [System updates] > [HTC software update]. There are known issues with automatic gain volume control that cause voice recognition to perform poorly in noisy environments with older system software.
Other phone models- If you're having this issue with another phone model, please let us know. In general, try holding the phone closer to your mouth and speaking loudly. Older Android phone models also don't have great noise cancellation so it may be more difficult to use them in loud areas.
Text by Voice never reads incoming text messages aloud.
We're still working on reading received texts from Google Voice.
Some other apps, including GO SMS and Pansi SMS don't play nice with other messaging applications (including ours) and block them from receiving text messages. Disable them from blocking other apps from receiving messages in their settings or uninstall them to allow you to receive messages through Text by Voice.
Text by Voice keeps activating on me!
The wakeup word recognition can be very sensitive, depending on the context. To turn off the wakeup word, but still have it read texts aloud, uncheck [Listen for “text by voice”] in settings.
Text by Voice never hears my wake up word.
Try pausing before you say “text by voice”. Also, make sure [Listen for “text by voice”] is checked in Settings.
Text by Voice is texting the wrong number.
Text by Voice first chooses whatever number is set as the default for a contact, if there is one set, then checks for a number is labeled as "mobile". You can specify the default number in your contacts (go to the contact and then hold and press on the cellphone number, then select "Make default number"). Text by Voice will then always use that number to text the person.
How do I remove the “[via]” appended to my texts?
Users that have purchased the premium version can remove the Text by Voice signature in Settings. Text by Voice won't append the signature if doing so would cause an additional text to be sent.
What does [Read incoming texts aloud] in Settings do?
While this box is checked and the app is on, Text by Voice will read any incoming text messages you receive aloud and give you a chance to respond.
What does [Listen for “text by voice”] in Settings do?
While this box is checked and the app is on, you can compose a text at any time by saying the wakeup words “text by voice” to your phone.
What if I want to cancel what I'm doing?
You can say “cancel” to cancel what you're doing whenever it's your turn to talk. You can also turn off Text by Voice completely by saying “turn off text by voice”.
Your app keeps crashing on me, how do I fix this?
We take a lot of pride in our app working. If it's giving you problems, please let us know at and we'll be on it right away!
Where can I get help/send feedback?
We love your feedback. Email us at We'll respond right away.