About Sonalight
We've always wanted a way to interact with our phones safely while we we're driving. We know the urge to take your eyes off the road to take a look at a text message all too well, even though it's extremely dangerous. We couldn't find any good solutions- bluetooth headsets never work quite right, Android's built in voice actions isn't hands-free, and there aren't any easy to use hands-free apps available in Android Market.
That's why we decided to create Sonalight Text by Voice.
Text by Voice allows you to safely text while you drive entirely through voice. There's no need to touch or look at the screen at all. Text by Voice will automatically read incoming text messages aloud and give you a chance to respond. You can also set an auto responder for incoming text messages, and have Text by Voice start automatically when you start driving. Text by Voice lets you compose texts on the fly. It runs in the background so you can use other apps at the same time. Drive more safely with Text by Voice.
Our Team
Curtis Liu | Founder
Curtis is an MIT grad with degrees in EECS and Mathematics. After happy days working at Google, he decided to start Sonalight, an effort to improve how people use voice to interact with their mobile devices. He likes to balance work with a dose of movies and television, and strongly believes in video games as art. (Starcraft? Of course.)
Spenser Skates | Founder
Spenser graduated from MIT with a degree in Bioengineering in 2010. Before working on Text by Voice, he worked full time as a trader in finance. He then decided that he wanted to text and drive without crashing his car so he moved out to California and started working on Text by Voice. When he's not coding, you can find him on the Starcraft 2 american ladder as skates.